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Kinsley Byers

Skylar Larson met the very sex Jaxon Storm at a time when her life was in absolute chaos. Little did she know the chaos he and his team at Nine Circles Security rescued her from was far from over. As her courage is tested, friends and family ties are stretched, and threats continue to build all around her she and Jaxon must somehow survive the not only threats around her but also themselves.

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Crosshairs, by Kinsley Byers, is the first novel in an action-packed romantic-suspense series following the lives and loves of the members of Nine Circles Security.

As the only female member of an elite team at Nine Circles Security, Kayla Matthews was among the best. She had everything she wanted: dream job, loving fiancé, and teammates that were more like family. Then one day, her world came crashing down. With her life in turmoil, Kayla must navigate her emotions about life, loss, and her growing feelings for a teammate. To make matters worse, she’s also the target of a killer.

Readers’ review Crosshairs

This book will take you through every possible emotion! It has everything from awesome keep you on the edge of your seat action scenes to ‘atta girl’ scenes. The lead female character is a character that you’ll want to be when you grown up! She is strong and intelligent while also witty and sexy. She can hold her own with all the alpha males she works with and also keep them in line. This is an amazing debut for Kinsley Byers and I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next!


Crosshairs, the first book in the Nine Circles series, is an impressive debut for author Kinsley Byers. The strong female lead holds her own with the alpha males while still retaining her femininity and wit. The fast moving plot is filled with twists and non-stop action. This book will make you cry, laugh and wish for the next book in the series.


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